<b>Make the world of crocheting even better</b><p><p> Recreational crocheting and knitting carry numerous physical and meditative health benefits. Learning how to and improving your techniques keeps your hands occupied, sharpens your mind, and lowers blood pressure and stress levels. The further you involve yourself into the incredible world of crafting, the more yarn and accessories you will collect along the way. Finally there is a solution for storing all of your supplies in one portable place for you to take with you wherever you go. <p><p> <b>Multi-compartments for all of your tools</b><p><p> Our knitting tote bag is a secret organizational weapon of sorts that will keep your favorite balls of yarn color coordinated, visible, and quickly within reach -- all without having to remove them from the bag. Superior to ordinary drum totes, our bag quite literally does it all for every level of crocheter or knitter. The front compartment is divided by multiple vinyl walls so you can vertically store six balls of yarn in total. There is a corresponding grommet holes for each of the six balls of yarn. All you need to do is take an end of each ball and thread it through the hole. You can actually crochet and knit while your yarn stays vertically stored in the pocket. Simply tie the end of the yarn to your needle or hook and gently pull for a clean feed without any tangling. <p><p><b>Store everything in the bag and carry it with you</b><p><p> On the opposite side you will find a very spacious zippered pocket where you can keep nine extra balls of yarn, a finished blanket or afghan, sweater, shawl, or anything you really want (it's your bag, it's your life, you make your own rules). The ends of the bag feature additional sleeves for keeping needles, hooks, safety pins, thread, scissors, pattern notebooks, and the works. The carrying strap quickly hooks onto the end straps so you can transport all of your supplies with ease and comfort.

Product Features

  • STORES ALL OF YOUR SUPPLIES: Multi-compartment project bag neatly stores all of your knitting supplies, such as extra yarn, needles and hooks, pattern books, and more; while also separating working yarn from stored yarn so tangling will not occur. All told, a tremendous all-in-one carrier tote that makes the knitting life a little easier.
  • INSTANT ACCESS AND VISIBILITY: The clear vinyl front pocket has a zippered opening in the middle. Inside, you can vertically store six different colors of your most frequently used yarns between the dividers. Thread an end of each color through the grommet located above the pocket. This will give you a tangle-free feed while the velcro straps secure the threads so they won't slip back into the pocket.
  • ZIPPERED POCKETS AND VELCRO STRAPS: The back side has a large zippered compartment for storing up to 9 additional balls of yarns for future use. On one end of the bag is a zippered pocket for storing extra needles, hooks, scissors, safety pins, and other common accessories when needed. The other end of the bag features a clear plastic sleeve with velcro strap for storing notebooks and similarly sized and shaped items.
  • ATTACHABLE CARRIER STRAP: Hook the detachable carrier straps onto the plastic clips found at the top of the bag and bring the bag wherever you roam. The strap rests comfortably on your shoulder or diagonally across your chest. The overall size of the bag (12" H x 15" W x 10" D) offers plenty of space for all of your knitting goods, while also being easy to stow away between uses.
  • 90-DAY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. We offer a No Hassle 90-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. If, within the first three months, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, just let us know and we will refund you all your money.

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