GREAT FOR STUDENTS, TRAVEL, GRANDMAS WITH ARTHRITIS, BEGINNERS OR SEASONED KNITTERS KNIT QUICK Round Loom Knitting Set. For anyone who has wanted to learn how to knit but struggled with the needles--now you can knit with a loom and a hook. No knitting needles required! You can make hats, booties, scarves and so much more with this set of looms. Each of the colorful plastic looms is a different diameter for different sized projects and complete instructions are included to help get you going. This package contains one 5-1/2" loom, one 7-1/2" loom, one 9-1/2" loom, one 11-1/2" loom, one hook, one needle and instructions. Imported.

Product Features

  • Great for students, Travel,
  • Grandmas with Arthritis, Beginners
  • Seasoned Knitters
  • Contains four looms, instructions, and hook and needle

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Our Score: 25

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