This is CINDWOOD's most popular XFine gauge sock loom. This loom can be used to make fine gauge adult women's socks and other fine gauge items such as adult gloves,and other xfine projects. 64 stitches is the most common sock knit patterns for adult women. These knitted patterns can easily be converted to this loom since each peg is equal to a stitch when using knitting needles. Perfect for wool blended #1 sock yarn.

Product Features

  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Loom made of light weight natural MDF board with sturdy yet pliable winter blue nylon pegs
  • Perfect for adult womens socks, gloves, leg warmers and other xfine gauge items
  • Includes knitting tool and basic instructions
  • Knit with 1 strand of #1 sock yarn

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