<br><b>FEATURES & BENEFITS:</b><br> <br>- 12 Crochet Hooks, Sizes 2mm/ 2.5mm/ 3mm/ 3.5mm/ 4mm/ 4.5mm/ 5mm/ 5.5mm/ 6mm/ 6.5mm/ 7.0mm/ 8.0mm?<br> <br>- Improved and longer aluminum hooks compared to traditional brand.?<br> <br>- Smooth and allows yarn to glide freely.?<br> <br>- Longer shaft to allow more loops when crocheting different patterns.?<br> <br>- Sharper point to allow easy insert to stitches.?<br> <br>- Deep throat avoid yarns from slipping off the hooks.?<br> <br>- Wide Flat Thumb Rest (front & back) to avoid hand pressure, thus making crocheting an ease.<br> ? <br><b>Specifications:</b><br> <br>Material: TPR+Aluminium<br> <br>Size: Approx:13.7cm(5 3/8") Thickness: 10mm( 3/8")<br> <br>Color: Mixed<br> <br><b>package included:</b><br> <br>12 x Knitting Needle

Product Features

  • EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE. Crochet all day without pain! The cushioned grips with rubbery feeling, soft but firm handle makes your crocheting an ease. No cramping and aching for aging and tired hands. Perfect set for arthritic hands!
  • SMOOTH NEEDLES, ROUNDED & POINTED TIP allows you to get through stitches without effort, no snagging and no splitting of yarn. Easy to handle and and perfect for any type of yarn, and patterns. Deep throat is designed to generously catch the yarn, making crocheting faster and easier.
  • YARN SNAGGING & SPLITTING? Our crochet needles are SMOOTH and NO ROUGH EDGES, aluminum part is smooth and longer shaft to allow more yarn loops, longer than any other brands out there. Try to compare :) The hook throat is deep enough to generously catch the yarn. The point is just right, not so sharp to split the yarn but easy to get into stitches. The result? Of course it?¡¥s great, consistent, flat and smooth stitches! It?¡¥s BEAUTIFUL, you?¡¥ll be so PROUD of every finished projects!
  • Are you frustrated that you don't have all the sizes you need? Well, BE HAPPY NOW! We have ALL the 12 sizes and ARE COLOR CODED! The hook sizes are standard in mm from 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, 7 & 8 mm. Though it is standard, it wouldn?¡¥t make any difference even if the pattern calls for letter sizes. Just make sure to follow the chart that comes in the product, or you can experiment for yourself. Why not? Great creation happens when you go out of your comfort zone! :) TRY IT!
  • 100% RISK-FREE, MONEY BACK GUARANTEED. We respect our customers more than anything. We don't stop innovating our products, and we listen to our customers' suggestions. TRY US and you'll never regret.

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