Forget cumbersome folding boards or random towels lying around the house when you want to block your finished project. For a more compact and customizable solution, try these foam rubber mats that interlock and fit together like puzzle pieces! Mix and match the nine 12" square mats to create the shape that best fits the needs of your project. For long scarves, simply arrange the mats back to back to create a long rectangle. Or stagger and stack the mats to create the perfect blocking surface for sweaters and shawls. For smaller projects, use a single mat to neatly block accessories like hats and cowls without taking up a lot of additional space.

Product Features

  • A convenient solution to blocking everything from lace to accessories and garments
  • Can easily be assembled into different shapes and sizes to suit your project
  • Features interlocking sides that fit together like puzzle pieces
  • Contains nine 12-inch foam rubber square mats, 3/8-inch thick

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Our Score: 25

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