Humble Crafter believes in making your knitting and crocheting projects exceptional, that's why we created the first truly precise knitting block set. We took our first version and improved it in every way to provide you with the best product possible. <p> Our new mats can be constructed in any orientation for perfect grid alignment. These mats are also over 3/4 of an inch thick, nearly twice as thick as our competitors for greater durability. We've continued to print each blocking mat set individually to ensure that no gridline is misaligned or doesn't match when assembled. We also upgraded our accessories to include 100 Stainless Steel T-Pins and a 5-foot Sewing Measuring Tape for your next project, that way you've got everything you need to complete your next project. <p> We also offer multiple colors so you have the option of finding the right color for you. We hope our product exceeds your expectations.

Product Features

  • SET OF 9 BLOCKING MATS - NEW RELEASE - 12" by 12" to create full 34" x 34" square for knitting projects
  • EXTRA THICK BLOCKING MATS - These NEW Knitting Mats are more than 3/4 of an inch thick, nearly twice as thick as our competitors
  • EXACT GRID LINES WITH 1-INCH SQUARES - every set of 9 blocks is printed individually to guarantee perfectly aligned grids for any orientation
  • INCLUDES 100 STAINLESS STEEL T-PINS & SEWING MEASURING TAPE - fully equipped with 100 T-Pins and 5 foot sewing measuring tape for whatever project you're working on
  • HEAT & STEAM RESISTANT - great for use with steam blocking and drying your crafting project

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