Now you have the wonderful option to add accessories that totally fit the Yarnit bases. Everything in one place so you can work on your projects more efficiently. As we are located in a Baseball town, Cooperstown NY, we thought we would call our accessory package "Bases Loaded" because that is just what it is. Our Sweet Pawz accessory package consists of one pair of 2.5" Delicate Kut stainless steel scissors with a beautiful iridescent Titanium Oxide finish. Great quality and wow what a beautiful look. Then we add a 5 pc stitch marker set. We try hard to make sure you get what is pictured but sometimes there may be slight variations may occur. The stitch markers are handmade in the USA and consists of 5 pieces. Four beautiful pawz and one spiral, Finally we include 2 high end darning needles. Needle colors vary between blue, red and gold and are the luck of the draw and can't be specified. The pictures show these accessories fitting in the base and the base is not included as you have purchased this base with your Yarnit Now you are set.......Just add one of our Yarnit totes and you will be off to the races.

Product Features

  • The YARNIT Bases loaded stitch markers and scissors
  • Everything fits perfectly in the base of the YARNIT so you are never searching for darning needles, stitchmarkers or scissors
  • The YARNIT protects your yarn from pets but we still LOVE them
  • 4 lille sweet paws, a pair of stailess steel with titanium finish scissors and 2 great darning needles
  • You will smile everything you see them

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