AS OF OCTOBER 2015 ALL YARNITS ALREADY COME WITH ONE LOCKING PLUG AND A STRAP WHEN YOU ORDER THEM. However it is smart to order additional locking plugs at the same time you order your Yarnit. We are offering a package containing 5 plugs in a single plugs. You will get 1 pink, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 purple and 1 black. The Yarnit is engineered to close tight and NOT open. However with repetitive use this does loosen up so the locking plug was invented to make sure that no matter what, the two globe halves would never come open unless you wanted it to. It only takes 1 plug, pushed into any of the 2 available ports to lock the top and the bottom of the Yarnit globe in place. However you can use 2 if you need to. Like the lens cap of your camera, we find this little plug is always getting lost. So when you buy your Yarnit, purchase a locking plug package and you will never have any worries. Good Idea ... stick your plug in the top of the globe where your needles go to keep it safe when not using it. Happy Yarn Art everyone

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