<div><p>Crochet a colorful hat with mix-and-match blooms!</p><p><i>In Blooming Crochet Hats</i>, you'll find a posie of patterns! Each of the ten hats is available in six sizes, ranging from infant to adult. From the adorable Scalloped Beanie to the fashionable Comfy Cloche, there's a hat for everyone to make and enjoy. Add a newsboy band, a sunhat brim or earflaps to give your hat a different look, and once you're done, button on one of the ten interchangeable motifs to make it uniquely your own! With an assortment of flowers, like carnation puffs and cherry blossoms, as well as novelty designs like bears and butterflies, you'll be able to match your hats to any outfit or occasion.</p></div>

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  • This item is manufactured in united states
  • F&W Media-Krause: blooming crochet hats
  • Crochet a colorful hat with mix-and-match blooms! each of the ten hats is available in six sizes ranging from infant to adult

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