<p><b>Are you looking for a PERFECT Crochet Kit with Complete Accessories and a BEAUTIFUL Custom Case?</b></p> <p><b>Either you are looking to gifts for family and friends or you just want to spoil yourself, this Crochet Kit is BEYOND PERFECT!</b></p> - The beautiful, durable and sturdy Custom Crochet Case will "WOW" the recipient! PREMIUM QUALITY, Great workmanship with removable pocket and carefully detailed stitched with a very clean finish and polished to perfection. <br>- High quality, carefully selected, smooth LONGER and NO ROUGH EDGES Crochet Hooks in US Standard Sizes with Ergonomic Handles that comes in 10 sizes, engraved in the handle. <br>- Complete with high quality accessories with Large Blunt Needles tucked-in securely in the pocket, you don't have to worry losing a piece or wondering where to put it. <p><b>Hook Sizes & Case Details:</b></p> - D3 3.25mm/ E4 3.5mm/ F5 3.75mm/ G6 4mm/ 7 4.5mm/ H8 5mm/ I9 5.5mm/ J10 6mm/ K10.5 6.5mm/ L11 8mm <br>- Hook Length: Approximately 6 inches <br>- Material: TPR & Aluminum <br>- Custom Case Size: 7.5in. x 6in x 1.5in. <br>- Case Material: PU Leather & Polyester Mesh <p><b><b>CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS OUR HIGHEST PRIORITY! We offer 100% money back and RISK-FREE GUARANTEE! We understand the importance of hassle-free returns and pledges to make the process as smooth as possible.</p> </b></p> <p><b>BUY NOW!</b></p>

Product Features

  • UPDATED & IMPROVED: NEW & LONGER Crochet Hooks in US Standard Sizes (Letters), NOT MM (Number) sizes. These Crochet Hooks are marked with LETTERS & Numbers, as pictured. Do not mistake this Crochet Hooks to similar sets that are ONLY marked with MM sizes UK/Canada Standard. Understand the different sizes to avoid confusion.
  • NEW LENGTH. LONGER CROCHET HOOKS: Thanks to our customers who constantly provide us feedback so we can improve. We added extra .25 inch to our previous length which is now 1.75 inches from the handle to the tip of the hook. Previous version was only 1.5 in, new version is 1.75 in for sizes D 3.25mm to J 6.5mm. New Total Hook Length is 5.75mm compared to previous 5.5 inches.
  • IMPROVED MATERIAL BOTH HANDLES & HOOK. Ergonomic Handles are higher quality than any other set available. This hook handle feels smoother, sleeker, feels good in the hand! Hook itself is very important in crocheting especially when using a high quality yarn, we are now using a higher grade aluminum for even smoother & silkier hook.
  • BIGGER SIZES, EVEN LONGER HOOK: K/10.5 aka 6.5mm and L11 8mm Hooks are bigger, and will use even thicker yarns, so it just make sense to have this sizes longer than any other sizes. We added extra .5 inch to give it an extra length needed to crochet thick yarns.
  • EXCLUSIVE HOOKS & KITS. NO OTHER OFFERED US Standard Sizes Crochet Hooks in a Kit. Complete with all accessories: Large Eye Blunt Needles (Aluminum & Plastic) in different sizes, Stitch Markers (colors may vary), Crochet Counter, Tape Measure & Scissor. EXCELLENT QUALITY. BEST PRICE GUARANTEED.

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