<DIV><B> Cat lovers, rejoice! It's the highly anticipated follow-up book to <I>Knit Your Own Dog</I>. With easy-to-follow instructions for 16 distinct felines, <I>Knit Your Own Cat</I> is the irresistible guide to knitting the pet you've always wanted. </B><BR /><BR />Cats and knitters are perfect companions. What's better together than a kitten curled up in a basket of wool or a frisky feline chasing a skein of yarn down a hallway? Since the instant success of <I>Knit Your Own Dog</I>, cat lovers have been clamoring for a book of their own. That time has come. <I>Knit Your Own Cat</I> is packed with knitting patterns for 16 different fanciful felines, from a pretty Persian to a sleek Siamese, from a cuddly kitten to a traditional tabby. The cats are surprisingly easy to make: With a few evenings of work, you can have a covetable companion for life. Each cat includes clear, step-by-step instructions for both knitting and assembling the parts. The cats can be knit into various positions such as standing, sitting, crouching, and curled up for a nap. You can add details like collars, bells, and bows. Photographs throughout show the finished cat from various angles, and each cat is accompanied by a description of its real-life temperament and physical characteristics. Cats include: Abyssinian, Bengal, Black Cat, Black & White, British Shorthair, Burmese, Devon Rex, Kitten, Maine Coon, Orange, Persian, Ragdoll, Siamese, Tabby, Tortoiseshell, and Turkish Van.</DIV>

Product Features

  • WORKMAN PUBLISHING-Black Dog Books: Knit Your Own Cat
  • This irresistible book is full of simple patterns to create your very own knitted cat
  • Choose from the pretty Persian the sleek Siamese the traditional tabby or over a dozen other breeds

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