<b>How to use</b> <br/> <br/>1. Pull a few lengths of yarn out of the ball. Thread it through the lower guide, over the upper guide and down through the tube. Attach the clip weight to the end of the yarn. Hold the yarn with your hand so it does not fall through the tube. <br/>2. Turn the handle slowly in the direction of the arrow (where the handle attaches to the machine) until the first needle catches the yarn. <br/>3. Continue turning the handle slowly. Push the yarn behind the second needle using the top of your tapestry needle. Continue turning the handle until the third needle catches the yarn. <br/>4. Continue turning the handle, pushing the yarn behind the fourth needle and continue turning the handle until the first needle catches the yarn again. Be sure the stitch slips down the latch. If it does not slip down on its own, push it below the latch using the top of the tapestry needle to your finger. <br/>5. Continuse turning the handle slowly until every needle has caught the yarn. Pull down on the yarn coming out or the bottom of the machine every couple turns at the begining to make sure all the stitches has been formed. Soon the yarn will start to come out of the bottom of the tube. Move the clip up as needed. <br/>-------------------------------------------------------- <br/><b>Package Including</b> <br/> <br/>1 * DIY Hand Knitting Mill Mini Knitting Machine Spool Knitter Wool Winder Tool (Blue)

Product Features

  • Color: blue.
  • Material: durable hard plastic and metal.
  • Easy and funny to DIY create the knitting jewelry!
  • Full instructions included, just insert the thread, attach the included weight and turn the crank.
  • Simple and practical design, and easy to operate.

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