<br><b>Effective design combined with superb durability is a key component that set our ball winders apart from the competition</b> <br> <br><b>On Yarn Ball Winder (TM)</b> <br> <br><b>If you're looking for yarn ball winder for long-term use and authentic On Yarn Ball Winder (TM) product just like what satisfied customers are saying on their review, make sure you buy ONLY From TODAY'S DEALS STORE. Other sellers are selling our Copied Products</b> <br> <br><b>Here's a list of why you must use this knitting yarn winder.</b> <br> <br>- ON Yarn Ball Winders (TM) is manufactured for long-lasting, easy use and best of all, affordable! <br>- This knitting yarn winder can easily be clamped to most table tops and counters and the hand-operated crank can be adjusted with ease. <br>- It makes the perfect pull thread balls and cakes without requiring heavy equipment. <br>- Allow you to make jumbo size yarn ball. <br>- It provides even flow and prevent snags and tangles. <br>- Free E-book <br> <br><b>Assembling Instructions</b> <br>1. Put the yarn guide at the base and tighten the screw <br>2. Clamp the ball winder to a table top or counter edge <br>3. Put the other yarn guide near the bobbin holder then tighten the screw <br>4. Place and tighten the bobbin to the bobbin holder <br> <br>Click ADD TO CART now and be organized in no time! <br>The limited product, so grab it fast! <br> <br>Specification <br>Material: ABS <br>Weight (pounds): 1.12 <br>Packaging Dimension (inches): 9.8 X 5.9 X 5.9 <br> <br><b>(c) On Yarn Ball Winder (TM) - All Right Reserved</b>

Product Features

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  • EASY TO USE AND SIMPLE TO ASSEMBLE - Transform loose yarn into immaculate, well-kept balls. These nifty, little gadgets easy to assemble and they easily attach to any table or countertop without leaving damage. FOR THE ASSEMBLING INSTRUCTIONS, SEE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION.
  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION - Our knitting yarn winder is designed for heavy-duty use. Made of premium ABS, it takes a beating and keeps on ticking! It's ready to handle any craft project, no matter the size.
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